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Our exhibition is travelling the world in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and German. If you would prefer to read it in another language you can download various translations here.
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Travelling exhibition “Energiewende – Germany’s Energy Transition”

Hardly any other topic in German politics attracts as much international interest as energy policy. With the energy transition, Germany is pursuing an ambitious path to an energy policy which is more secure, affordable and sustainable. Interest is so great that the term Energiewende has found its way into the vocabulary of many different world languages. This is a source of great pride for us. After all, the energy transition also means more international networking to secure more sustainable energy supplies. At the same time, we are seeing time and again that a number of questions and misunderstandings persist around the world. With the travelling exhibition on the Energiewende and this website, we want to explain to you what the energy transition is all about, what milestones have been achieved and what challenges remain. The exhibition and this website were devised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in cooperation with the communications agency edelman.ergo on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office.

A long-term project with many dimensions

The Energiewende is a fundamental restructuring and re-alignment of German energy policy. Yet, the Energiewende is multi-dimensional and goes far beyond the power sector. A successful transition can only be achieved by considering – inter alia – transport, research and development, international coordination and public participation.